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Christopher Martin Ph.D.    

Dr. Martin completed his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2006 studying the impact of hydrostatic pressure on optical properties of polymers.


For most of this work there were no off the shelf systems available requiring creative design and fabrication solutions. 

The required specialized components are not always easily sourced requiring researchers to design and manufacture fixtures and tooling to solve their unique problems.

Experience solving a broad range of design and application problems across many disciplines. 


The experience of the necessity of utilizing large gas laser systems and complex free space optics drives the current desire to shift to the more compact integrated optical platform.

Graphene and Carbon nano tube devices.


Designed and fabricated parts for the 95GHz electron spin resonance tool at ACERT national ESR facility at Cornell. Partially reflective optics fabricated using standard lithography methods were used to increase the performance of the 95 GHz Fabry Perot etalon. 

Experience was gained in the area of active electronics by working on the fabrication of high temp silicon carbide active electronics, primarily J-fet devices. This work required careful processing to ensure proper contact potential and management of the thermal budget to preserve the action of the implant species.  


Dr. Martin's recent work has been focused on the fabrication of integrated photonic devices. These devices require very uniform deposited or grown films with very tight tolerances for dimensions and index contrasts. 

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