Starting a Project

The process to begin a project with IRL is quick and easy. 
Step 1 : Discuss the feasibility of the
              project and process. 


The first step is a quick meeting to discuss goals and requirements.

Step 2 : Establish a Project account at
              the appropriate user facility 

Depending on the requirements of the work a single or combination of user facilities will be required to complete the process. IRL will provide all of the necessary contacts and paper work to make this as streamlined as possible. This step usually can be completed within days but can take up to a couple of weeks. 

Step 3 : Establish Billing for IRL  
              Contract Services

IRL will invoice separately for hourly labor charges separate from the facility tool charges. To date this has proven to be the most efficient and effective billing process for everyone involved. IRL typically issues purchase orders with net 14 every two weeks to clients. Payments can be made by check. credit card or by electronic fund transfer. 

Step 4 : Complete the Project

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